Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Germany vs Brazil

When they announced that Neymar and Silva were not going to be playing against Germany, I immediately took Monday the 14th off. Everyone around the world expected a "good game" and if you're German it was definitely something! After 4 goals we started getting congratulation messages from friends and family but also got a load of memes, funny videos and surprising pics. Here's a few:


The timing of this video is priceless!

And of course I saved the best for last, this one goes out to my "Canadiens" friends... when you see it.

A few stats for you:

Thomas Mueller Becomes 2nd Player to Score 5 Goals at Consecutive World Cups

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spare change?

Coming from North America, I'm used to putting every single thing on my credit card, gotta get some points! A 2$ cup of coffee a 90 cents pack of gum, plastic is the way to go. In Germany they have a saying "cash is king", the only place they ask you if you want to pay with a card (bank/debit card) is at the grocery store. They even have those preloaded visa cards where you have to put money on it before you can spend that money which is a little weird to me. Debt is not something the Germans are interested in, it seems to be working for them.

I can't get used to paying with cash, I made baby steps and now I always have some bills in my wallet in case I need to buy something on the go but I still haven't been able to get used to spending the change. My wallet, for one, won't let me fit all these coins in it... what should a man do, go back to wearing a fanny pack?

Not only do I have a problem with change but here they have this system where you pay a deposit for your mug/glass and they give you a token. Bring the glass and the token back and you get your deposit, clearly I didn't grasp that concept and now I'm stuck with some lovely fluorescent tokens from different biergartens or clubs.

I also learned that by law you can purchase an item with up to 50 coins and the cashier has to accept the payment... time to go buy myself a beer or two.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This won’t fit in the status update box...

My 6 month internship is coming to an end in July and the next part of my first year in Munich is about to get a spin. For those who follow me on BeerFeed you’re aware of my mini trips to Bamberg and most recently Köln. We have a long weekend in Amsterdam just before we head home to Canada for a few weeks. The good thing about working in Germany is definitely the amount of holidays you get.

Morale is up and I don’t really feel homesick, I miss the casual hangouts with good friends and I used to miss hoppy beers but I recently found some niche stores that have more hops than I can dream of. I’m slowly getting used to the daily life and it’s not so different than the life in Canada. I got to meet some really nice people from around the world (mostly Europe), my geography is getting slightly better and so is my Deutsch.

I’m signing up for some intensive Deutsch courses over the months of September and October. After several comments about how difficult it is to work full-time and then go to class for 3 hours in the evening to learn a new language, I decided it was in my best interest to take morning classes and focus on learning Deutsch without any other distractions for two months.

So far, I was offered to be on a television show, I've made some friends from the four corners of the planet, I've traveled to 2 countries I've never been before and I learned a whole lot about beer. Until my next status update I welcome your questions and comments.

Ambassador Mat 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The History of the World Cup: Canadian Edition

In the coming days eBay and Amazon will see their profits rise from the purchase of football jerseys all over the world. Employers will see more and more employees with saggy eyes reeking of booze from last night's victory. For a Canadian living in Munich I'm being asked the same question over and over "Who are you going to cheer for?" Clearly not Canada is my answer. This pushed me to learn a bit more about the Canadian's place in the history of the prestigious, world unifying tournament.

The year was 1986, Mexico

Canada made their way to Group C with the Soviet Union, France and Hungary. This was the only year Canada ever participated in the World Cup. Although they didn't manage to score a single goal, they held the French until the end and Mike Sweeney got a red card, one can only assume he apologized for this.

Sweeney was sent off in the second game against Hungary,[4] making him the only Canadian player ever to be dismissed at a World Cup Finals tournament.

Special mentions

Diego Maradona from Argentina got himself 5 goals and the Golden Ball that year, Argentina won.

Also Sons of Andrew and band out of Edmonton, Alberta made a song dedicated to the unique Canadian squad.

There's a documentary on Canadian Journey to the World cup on Youtube called:
The Journey - 1986 Canada Soccer Documentary (pretty interesting, TSN)

If you're a collector, these are the ones you're looking for:

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Weekend Beer Haul (Franconia's Franky's)

First and foremost here's the beer haul from this weekend:

They have these store's named Orterer, Franky's and Fristo where they usually sell anything that comes in a bottle. The problem is there's no way of telling which brands they carry. The outcome is that "kid in a candystore feeling". I got my friend a case of gluten free beer and a mixed variety for me. Have you ever heard of these?